I hope you enjoy what you see, and that what you see, and what you may buy, gives you much pleasure. I have had no formal training as an artist, but have been painting since 2001. My mother was a talented artist, but her efforts to encourage me to join her in a pastime that gave her so much pleasure fell on stony ground and sadly she did not live to see me become creative. The path is different for everyone, but the turning point for me was when someone pointed out that I was not a camera. I needed to think in terms of shapes, colours and light, and detach myself from objects. For me, it was a watershed moment. I do not pretend to be a teacher, or a leader, and gifted I'm not. But I do enjoy what I do very much and have come to relish the movement of paint upon canvas, or paper, to create an image. I learn every day, and what talent I have has become more versatile. This is a work in progress; join me in my journey.
"Across the Bay" Original available on 10" x 8" canvas board in mahogany effect frame, behind  pale blue mount.  £51 includes P&P and delivery insurance.

Please note that colours can vary in their journey from camera to monitor, and there may therefore be some differences between what you see on your computer or phone, and the reality of the painting.

Please note that picture sizes are shown in frame size. I most usually work in 5" x 7" (12.7cm x 17.2cm) for £18, 10"x8" (25.4cmx20.3cm) for £51 or 12"X10" (30.4cmX25.4cm) frames for £63. Sometimes I add a mount board, usually 30mm, with of course a corresponding reduction in visible image area. Prices include packing, postage and insurance in the event of loss in transit, but shipment to a destination outside of the UK will incur additional carriage costs

I can produce prints up to size A3. Please contact for price. As with paintings, shipment to an address outside of the UK will incur additional carriage costs.

Prices may vary from time to time, but the price published on this site at the time of ordering will be honoured. I can be contacted on 07962 440400 or 01792 830040 if you have any questions, or to arrange payment by bank transfer. Regrettably, while Coronavirus remains an issue, I cannot permit viewing or collection from my home address. Prices on this website include insured delivery.

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